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Miami's Best Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning For Your Dog!

Miami's Best Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning For Your Dog!

Just like us Humans, your four-legged friend needs his/her teeth

cleaned regularly! Many dog-owners are unaware that Periodontal Disease is one of the most common health concerns for pets today. Taking care of your dogs fabulous smile is a necessity. It is estimated that almost 80% of dogs are suffering from some form of Periodontal Disease, this is a staggering percentage! Plaque contains bacteria which if not treated in time can result in tooth decay and infect gum tissue. Even worse, it can infiltrate into the blood-stream to the heart, kidneys & brain causing infections that can potentially be deadly.

All of this is a scary thing, but no need to worry, Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa has teamed up with Healthy Smile Pet Dental! They offer the best non-anesthetic dental cleaning for your dog in Miami! Their highly trained staff of Dental Technicians visits our resort twice a month

and are trained and qualified to perform a complete cleaning using the latest techniques. Their technicians also use gentle holding techniques to position your pup for a calm and relaxing experience. With intensive training, they have the ability to recognize pathological tooth abnormalities that can cause further health problems and inform those to the patient's veterinarian as well as the you, the owner.

We here at Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa care deeply about your dogs well being and will do anything we can to insure a fun and safe experience. We offer various other services to make sure your dog will be as happy and healthy as they can be! Please click here to learn more about our Anesthesia-Free Dental cleaning!

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