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Pet Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Did you know that Periodontal Disease is one of the most common health concerns of pets today?  It's estimated that 80% of adults pets today are suffering from some form of Periodontal Disease.  Plaque contains bacteria that can infect gum tissue and the roots of teeth resulting in disease and tooth loss.


In addition to the negative impact to the oral health, bacteria can enter the blood stream through large blood vessels located near the gums and teeths.  This bacteria travels to the organs with the highest blood flow: the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain and the liver causing infections that can shorten your pets' life.  Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning offers an alternative method to the traditional anesthetic dental procedure by cleaning and maintaining your pet's oral health.  With a regular dental cleaning we prevent problems before they begin and ensure a healthy life.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Partnered with Healthy Smiles Pet Dental, our dental technicians are highly qualified and trained to perform a complete teeth cleaning and polishing, including sub gingival scaling utilizing the latest techniques and gentle holding positions used in Anesthesia-Free dentistry today.

The technicians' intensive training allows them to understand in depth, the oral cavity in both cats and dogs and they also have the ability to recognize pathological tooth abnormalities that can cause further health problems informing those to the patient's veterinarian, as well as the owner.

Small Breed: $150 Large Breed: $175


Is Your Pet Exhibiting Signs
of Dental  Diseases?

  • Persistent bad breath

  • Yellow/brown plaque on the teeth or near the gum line

  • Sensitivy around the mouth

  • Red, swollen, hyperplastic or receding gums

  • Pain or bleeding when your pet eats or the gums are touched

  • Drooling

  • Loose or missing teeth

  • Difficulty chewing or eating

  • Pawing at the mouth


More than likely these are all signs of Periodontal Disease and they generally indicate that an Anesthetic or Non-Anesthetic dental is necessary, and should be addressed as soon as possible.  Please contact a qualified representative such as your veterinarian to schedule a check-up. We want to ensure a long and happy life for your pets by preventing problems before they begin and ensuring a healthy future with a regular dental cleaning.


For more information about Dental Disease and how to get the Anesthesia-Free Dental Procedure for your pet please call us at 305-382-0203.

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