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Pooch Training

Le Pooch Training

Our Director of Training, Eduardo (Eddie) Rodriguez, has been training since 2003. Eddie specializes in Obedience Training from basics to advanced  by building a foundation that will aid in helping each dog achieve their utmost potential.  Eddie will first work with your dog to develop trust and respect, then he will encourage you to become part of the program.  Dog's learn by repetition, thus our training classes are daily and one-on-one with the Trainer.


Pepe Le Pooche specializes in solving common behavioral issues including aggression and excitability. We limit the number of dogs in order to personalize the training sessions with an emphasis on building stronger relationships with humans and their canine.  Regardless, of your desired level of training, we have a program for everyone.  


Specialized Training in Gun Dog - AKC and UKC Hunt Test for Retrievers and Pointing Dog.

Our Programs

Puppy Training

Obedience Training

Intermediate Obedience

Advance Obedience

Behavior Modification

Specialized Training

Master Dog

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