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What Goes Through My Pup's Mind??

There are different aspects about a dog's mind that we should all learn, today we will break it down for you!!

- Their mind is the equivalent of a 2-3 yr old toddler.

- Their emotions may not get past the basics of anger, joy, excitement, contentment, distress, fear, disgust, as well as love.

-They may not develop more complex emotions such as guilt, pride, or shame.


DID YOU KNOW: There was a scientific study done by Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory College, to see if dogs preferred positive reinforcement or food and it turned out that the positive responses to both were equal!!

Proving that dogs may like us just as much as food!!

Ever wonder if your pooche could actually recognize you by your appearance? According to another study by Dr. Berns which showed the dogs faces and objects, but they seemed to process faces very naturally, which means that it seems that this is part of their design.


FUN FACT: Dog's can laugh too!!

Here's how:

An animal behaviorist specialist, Patricia Simonet at Sierra Nevada College by Lake Tahoe conducted a study that recorded the sounds of pup's while playing!

- When played back, she discovered although similar in sound, it contains different frequencies than simple panting.

-Playing these recordings in front of dogs would cause them to become very joyful.

To which she concluded the belief that dogs may also be capable of their own versions of laughter!!

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