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Miami's Top Dog Bathing & Groomers Love Your Pooch!

Let's face it, we all need to look our best and so does your beloved fur-baby! We here at Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa are South Florida's top destination for spa-like grooming and bathing services. Having your pooch look their best will both reflect their health and well-being. Our high quality services will make sure that your dog is feeling and looking like a million-bucks! Our staff of highly trained associates will give your pup the royal treatment they deserve with our premium organic anti allergenic bathing products.

We cater to all sizes and breeds of dogs to insure your pooch is smelling and feeling like a local celebrity. We understand that there are many places you can take your dog for a spa-like experience, but we here at Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa are Miami's top destination for all of your dog grooming needs. Our facility and staff know what it takes to pamper your four-legged friend in a fun and safe environment.

We specialize in top-notch dog grooming techniques and styles for all dog breeds. Our aromatherapy and hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioner to treat the skin and fur will keep your pup looking amazing. We also use special medicated shampoo in accordance to your veterinarian’s advice. . Our styled haircuts will be specifically tailored to your dog, making them feel like the stars they are.

We have been mentioned on various publications and reviews being noted as being best dog groomers in Miami! Come check out why and set up your dogs VIP appointment today! Click here to learn more!


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