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Miami's Best Dog Training Service Is Here To Help!

Miami's Best Dog Training Service Is Here To Help!

Are you a new dog owner? Are you Having issues training your pooch? If you answered yes to either of these questions then we here at Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa are here to help! We offer world-class dog training services. Aside from our award winning dog boarding and grooming programs, our dog training service is the best Miami and South Florida has to offer!

Our Director of Training specializes in Obedience training from basics to advanced methods. We understand that building trust with your dog first is imperative. Our trainer will work with your pooch one-on-one and build the foundation needed for helping your dog achieve their true potential. We will also encourage you to take part in the program so that you can continue and understand the process of training your furry friend.

With repetition comes perfection, so our programs are daily and one-on-one with your dog. We believe in excellent top-notch service that will both excite and impress you and your beloved fur-baby! Pepe le Pooche specializes in common behavioral issues including aggression and excitability. We limit the number of dogs in each training class to personalize each session. We like to emphasize on building stronger relationships with both humans and canines alike. These are just a few of the reasons why we are Miami's best dog training service.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone seeking excellent dog training services. Click here to learn more about our pricing and schedule your dogs first class today!


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