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How To Stop Puppy From Whining : First Night Home

Puppies often whine and cry first night home and you should know how to stop puppy from whining. The very first at home is quite hard for puppy and can be testing for you and puppy. Puppies find it very hard on the first night, away from mother and his litter mates. Dogs are pack animals and they instinctively know that being separated from the pack means some danger. Although you don’t pose any threat but still its in their genes. And you can’t change it.

Why Do Dogs Whine?

Puppies and especially dogs whine to call their pack, you may have seen wolves whine late in the night. Its because they are sad or they are calling someone. Puppies do it in the very same way, as he is separated from its pack and whines about it. And it is no way a sight of comfort for you.

How To Stop Puppy From Whining – What You Need To Do

You can make special arrangements before the bedtime to ease off the distressed pup. Make sure your pup doesn’t have any food after 7 in the night. Otherwise your pup would be making trips to washroom all night long. Or he may eliminate in the house.

Before you go to bed spend some time with the pet and try to make him happy. The best option is to play with him until he feels tired. A tired puppy is a silent puppy, he would sleep with peace all night long. Don’t let him sleep too early otherwise he will be up and running again when you would be going to bed.

Making The Bedtime Arrangements – How To Stop Puppy From Whining

You can make sleeping arrangements in your room for the first night, just to make sure he doesn’t feels lonely. Don’t let the puppy sleep with you in the bed. This is not a healthy practice and may lead to certain behavioral issues that can be hard to bear in the future as the puppy grows into a dog. If the breeder had already started crate training while the pup was at the shelter or pet, you should let it continue and keep him in a crate. You can also put the crate in your room, so that he recognizes you as a pack leader.

How To Stop Puppy From Whining At Night

If your puppy starts crying in the night you need to figure out the problem. He may need to eliminate or he seeks your attention. In any case you should respond him in the correct manner. Puppy have a very loose bladder control and they often need to go to bathroom. A pup at least needs to go to bathroom twice in the night. If you are sure he isn’t crying because of bladder pressure, you should still go to him and make him feel relaxed. Don’t cuddle with him, it may lead to a bad behavior. Your pup may develop a habit of crying in order to get attention.

If everything fails and he still keeps crying then you need to ignore him altogether. Eventually your pup will get to know that crying in the night will be of no use. That’s How To Stop Puppy From Whining.

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