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9 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Miami

Although it’s reasonable to argue that most dogs are cuter and often more courteous than children, they are still barred from many business establishments that serve food and drink. The millions of pups that reside in South Florida are, however, lucky to be welcomed with open paws to some local favorite food joints.

Our choices offer specialized doggie menus, shaded outdoor areas with cooling fans, complementary water and dog-loving waiters.

1 Burger & Beer Joint (B&B)

B&B Joint has the vibe of a Hardrock Café, the beer selection of a brewery and the hospitality of a Petsmart. Its ten-pound Mother Burger is a highlight in the menu, reflective of B&B’s lavish burger crafting, but their doggie menu features a more reasonable meal. Pups are offered a combo of ground beef and pasta they can enjoy in B&B’s commodious outdoor seating

2 KUSH Wynwood
Founded by two craft beer pioneers of South Florida, KUSH’s doctrine revolves around the art of the brew. Matt, who opened LoKal in the Grove, is a proud dog lover whose restaurants are equally dog friendly. KUSH offers outdoor seating and complementary water for your pup (and yourself).
4 Lulu in the Grove

This outdoor sidewalk restaurant fully embraces the organic life philosophy and it has a breezy dog friendly seating area where pups can lounge comfortably. Some safe menu options you can choose from for your pup include egg whites, Greek yogurt and the fruit salad, which brings blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and kiwi.

5 Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

It’s not every day that you and your dog get to munch on James Beard award winning cuisine together. Michael’s Genuine offers complimentary artisanal hand-made dog biscuits for your pup, and traditional dishes with a unique spin for you. [Photo:]

6 Ms. Cheezious

Ms. Cheezious prides itself in providing handcrafted comfort food. The former food truck still holds true to her name, serving upgraded grilled cheese sandwiches just “like mom used to make.” Its now-stable location features a big backyard where all dog lovers can dine unanimously. There’s even a custom hashtag for all four-legged (or however many-legged) friends on Instagram: #DogsOfMsCheezious.


It takes a little more than free bottomless mimosas for ladies every Sunday to draw a crowd. Well, not really, but it does help that your pup can join in on all the fun. Rok Brgr’s huge outdoor seating space is fully sheltered and equipped with enough fans to help distract you from the Miami heat

8 Shake Shack

Dog-loving Shack Fans can treat their pups to a well-deserved treat they’ll forever be grateful for. The Poochini is a cup of dog-friendly custard served with Shackburger biscuits and a peanut butter swirl and is available at all Shake Shack locations.

9 Taurus

As one of the only, if not the only, restaurants in Miami that welcomes dogs indoors, Taurus may hold the title of dog friendliest bar in the city. Taurus’ pups can be seen in an album titled “The Dog Days Of Taurus” on their official site, accompanying their humans as they have a beer, chilling in the outdoor patio and even flirting with other dogs

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