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April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

It’s hard to imagine the lives that some of our pets had before they came to us. Not just hard because there isn’t always a clear picture, but because the reality was probably pretty harsh.

It takes courage, patience and an open mind to bring a new furry friend home, and more often than not, many long nights full of adjustments. Yet, it is overwhelmingly fufilling to see those grateful eyes thank you in silence. For all of us animal lovers, it is almost impossible to think that some are capable of abusing and neglecting them.

We must speak out and make it a federal crime in every state for acts of cruelty against animals. Let's use our voices to speak up against animal abuse. Pledge to adopt instead of buying from abusive puppy mills.

This is Lucas' Story:

Homeless dog makeover. We found this homeless dog crying with pain, on the outskirts of a city from Romania. We were told that he had been abused, being tied and dragged by a car, hit, beaten. His small body was all injured, and, as we found out later, his tail was irreversibly damaged, being paralyzed. We took him to a vet clinic and, after a month of proper care, the little dog is almost completely recovered. Life on the streets, suffering, hunger and fear belong to the past. This brave dog is much better now, both physically and mentally. Now he is happy around people, active, playful and a big kisser, mad about dog treats!

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